What is a Cookie Life and how can I change it?

Commissions for Affiliates: Understanding Cookie Life in Advertising Campaigns

Cookie Life is the period when all actions made by a user, directed by an affiliate on your site, are commissioned by that particular affiliate. It is a parameter used for advertisers’ campaigns that attaches itself to the user’s web browser and is (re)activated when each user clicks on a promoting tool displayed by affiliates.

Only the last affiliate who directed the user to your site will receive commissions for user actions.


A “per sale” campaign with a 3-month (90 days) cookie life. An affiliate displays a banner of that campaign. A user clicks the affiliate’s banner and is directed to the advertiser’s website. The affiliate will commission all orders placed by that user within the next 3 months on that site.

  • If, after one month (for example), the user clicks again on a promotional tool (even the same banner) displayed by the same affiliate, the cookie life reactivates and changes to another 3 months.
  • Suppose after one month (for example); the user clicks on a second affiliate’s promotional tool that redirects to the same advertiser’s campaign. In that case, the cookie life resets for another 3 months, but the commissions will be given to the second affiliate.

If the cookie life is increased, this change is applied immediately after approval.

If the cookie life is decreased, this change is applied 30 days after all affiliates in that program have been notified, and the change has been approved.

The Cookie Life can be changed directly from your 2Performant account from the Settings → General section.