What is a commission and how to change it?

Modifying Commissions for Affiliates on 2Performant

An advertiser compensates one or more affiliates for each action made on his/her site. A commission is basically a rewarded action for a sale or lead.

In order to change the value of a commission, you must log in to your advertiser account and go to Settings →  General → Commissions section. From here you will have the possibility to change the commission per sale and/or per lead.

For a sale, the advertiser pays the affiliate a commission represented by a fixed amount or a percentage of the transaction.

  • Percent → you can set a fixed commission rate;
  • Variable → the percentage of the commission may vary depending on multiple criteria;
  • Fixed amount → you can set a fixed amount for the transaction.  

For a lead, the advertiser grants affiliates a fixed amount for each completed action made by users through 2Performant.

  • Fixed amount → you can set a fixed amount for a lead/action;
  • Variable amount → you can set an amount that may vary based on multiple criteria.

Note: if you want to make future commission changes, keep in mind that an increase will be deployed immediately, but a decrease will involve a 30 days notice!