What is a Product Feed and how do I upload it into the platform? (video)

Format and Guidelines for Creating a Product Feed in 2Performant Platform

A Product Feed has multiple usabilities in our 2Performant platform. Based on it, affiliates can take the product feed and use it in price comparisons sites, cashback sites or promotions aggregator sites. Although, it’s not mandatory when launching an affiliate program, product feeds are an important affiliate tool that advertisers should provide.

A feed is a .csv file containing one item (product) per column, described by 13 rows placed between quotation marks ("") and separated by comma.
Here is how product feed should look like:

"title","description","short message(can be blank)","price","category","subcategory(can be blank)","url","image url","product id","generating text link(always should be 0)","brand name(can be blank)","in stock(0 if it's not, 1 if it is)","other data in JSON or YAML format(can be blank)"

  • Title: Maximum 255 character limit.
  • Description: a text description about the product
  • Short message: short additional product description. (Optional - if you don't want to add this short message fill the row with "")
  • Price: There should be no thousands separator, but the decimal separator must be the point. To send both new and old prices, format your price as follows: old price / new price. Example: 99/55.
  • Category: Maximum 255 character limit.
  • Subcategory: Maximum 255 character limit. (Optional - if you don't want to add a subcategory fill the row with "")
  • URL: the product URL in the following format http://www.site.com/product-url
  • Image URL: the URL for the image of the product in the following format http://www.site.com/images/product-image.jpg (If you have more than one image, seprate them by comma).
  • Product ID: the internal product code
  • Generating text link: this function is deactivated, thus it should always be filled with 0
  • Brand name: product manufacturer (Optional - if you don't want to add the brand, fill the row with "").
  • Availability: is the product in stock or not? If it is in stock fill it with 1, if it's not put 0).
  • Other data in JSON or YAML format(can be blank): other information about the product in JSON or YAML format (Optional - if you don't want to add this, fill the row with "").

In case of discounts the full value and reduced value can be sent. This information should be put in the Price field using the format old price/new price. Example: 99/55.

The separator between rows in Enter (/n).

We strongly urge you to respect the format above, as the lack of quotation marks, blank spaces before rows or other small errors will result in the inability to use the product feeds into our platform.

If inside the text fields you want to use quotation marks, they must be duplicated: “description””product””example”.

Do not use HTML tags in product descriptions because they will be interpreted and displayed as plain text.

UTF-8 encoding.

For more information about encoding special characters in your feed, see the links below:
1. CSV standard: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values
2. How to write CSV using PHP: http://php.net/manual/en/function.fputcsv.php

If you cannot generate a link for a product feed, you must know that a .csv file uploaded in 2Performant platform must not exceed 10mb.

To upload your feed into the platform, we recommend following the tutorial below: