How do I write a good program description?

How to Create an Attractive Affiliate Program Description for Your Online Store

A program description is addressed exclusively to affiliates. You must convince affiliates to apply to your program and promote your site through it. We recommend that your description be as attractive for affiliates as possible, focusing on the benefits of working with your program rather than the offer you will promote. In this regard, we invite you to study the campaigns already active in 2Performant: to have an overview of the content delivered for this matter.

It is essential to touch on all the points below:

  1. a brief description of your online store and available products;
  2. the advantages of your online store towards its clients (popular products, profitable categories, bonuses, delivery times, preferential terms, promotions, etc.);
  3. Your online store's target. You can add information about your client typology, with emphasis on demographic information, age, sex, etc.;
  4. benefits of your affiliate program (offered commission, cookie life, approval time, etc.);
  5. performance bonuses and other affiliate program management strategies, if any;
  6. Any additional information that would convince affiliates to apply to your program, promote you and generate sales.

This information should be added from the Settings → General section of your advertiser account.

NOTE: Mentioning accepted or prohibited traffic sources in affiliate programs should not be added in the description but in the programs' Terms and Conditions. These restrictions can relate mainly to the following:

  • Accepting Facebook promotion? Yes/No
  • accepting promotion through Facebook Ads? Yes/No
  • accepting promotion through Google AdWords? Yes/No
  • accepting promotion through e-mail marketing? Yes/No