What are Advertisers’ Promotions?

Introducing Advertisers' Promotions: A New Feature for Affiliates and Advertisers Alike

Advertisers’ Promotions is a new feature through which advertisers can announce their promotions to all affiliates enrolled in our platform and through which affiliates can see all listed promotions.

Therefore, advertisers can list their promotions in a dedicated menu and affiliates will be able to see them from their own personal accounts.

In your advertiser account main menu, between Tools and Messages, access Promotions → My Promotions. From this section you will be able to create listings with new promotions. Simultaneously, inside this area, all promotions that were already listed will be visible.

The buttons next to each promotion will show the following:

  • Details → private information about promotions that are set by yourself. These details will not be visible to affiliates;
  • View promotion → you will see your promotional page exactly how the affiliates are seeing it;
  • Edit → you can edit the promotions in accordance with the changes you want to make;
  • Publish/Unpublish → you can enable or disable showing the promotions in the affiliates’ accounts;

                Publish: promotions will become visible,
                Unpublish: promotions will not be visible.


Moreover, you will have the option to filter the listing tabs by:

  • All promotions → list of all the available promotions;
  • Published → promotions that are currently visible to affiliates;
  • Draft → promotions not visible to affiliates;

Shopping Events → events that are defined by 2Performant and through which you can associate promotions with one of those events (present or future).