What are Shopping Events?

Introducing Shopping Events: Promote Your Products During Special Occasions

Besides Promotions, we added a new feature called Shopping Events, where you will be able to list your products in our shopping event pages, for example:

These events are defined by 2Performant and they give you the opportunity to associate your promotions with  current or future shopping event. The system allows you to link your promotions to a calendar of current or future events that will take place inside 2Performant network.Thus, your promotions will have a greater visibility among affiliates.

In order to see the list of shopping events, go to your advertiser account → Promotions → Shopping Events. There you will see the calendar of events defined by 2Performant.

From this section you can search the shopping events by 3 criteria:

  • All Shopping Events → all the existing shopping events;
  • Ongoing → active shopping events;
  • Future → shopping events that will take place in the future.


Each Shopping Event has the following information:

  • Start Date → the date when the event starts;
  • End Date → the date when the event ends;
  • Landing Page → a direct link to the event page;
  • Details → the event description section.