How do I grant Custom Conditions to affiliates?

How to Grant Custom Conditions to Affiliates in Your Program

From your advertiser account, go to Affiliates section.There you will see the entire list of affiliates who applied to your program. In order to grant custom conditions, the affiliate must be approved in your affiliate program. Thus, next to the affiliate’s name/username you will see a section called Custom Conditions.

You have two options:

  • Edit for affiliates who already have set preferential conditions and want to change/edit them;
  • Customize for affiliates who don’t have custom conditions.


In the affiliate presentation page (after clicking on the username), if he/she already has custom conditions, the information is shown in the information box on the left of the page, under Send a Message button. Here you can also edit or cancel the custom conditions through the Edit and Reset to default buttons → the affiliate will receive the default commission set in your affiliate program.

If you want to grant custom conditions to an affiliate that doesn’t have them already, you can do this from the affiliates presentation page. You can also find the information in the box on the left, under Send a Message button. There you will see a Customize button.