When and how are commissions paid?

Cum să retragi comisioanele câștigate prin intermediul 2Performant

2Performant sums up the total value of commissions earned by each affiliate from all advertisers associated with the affiliate in 2Performant network and if the amount exceeds the minimum of 100 RON or 25 EURO, 2Performant makes a bank transfer to the account specified by the affiliate following a Withdraw Request.

The transfer issued by 2Performant for the affiliate is always for the transactions made in the previous month.

2Performant pays only approved and paid commissions by advertisers. The amounts shown in each affiliate’s account do not include VAT.

Affiliates are paid weekly, on Thursdays, provided that the total amount of Paid commissions (paid by the advertisers) to exceed the minimum threshold of 25 Euro, without VAT.

In order to withdraw money, affiliates need to generate a payment profile (Payments → Profile) and a payment request based on that payment profile (Payments → Withdraw). Payments are made only following a payment request (Withdraw Request) by Tuesday of each week at 23:59, in order to be operated by Thursday.