What are Custom Conditions?

Rewarding Top Affiliates with Custom Conditions in 2Performant Platform

Custom Conditions is a new feature in our 2Performant platform. If an affiliate has remarkable results in your affiliate program, you will have the opportunity to reward his/her professionalism with a higher commission or a higher cookie life than the standard ones.

This feature allows you to offer your best affiliates a higher sales/lead commission by giving each affiliate a multiplier.

  • Custom sale and lead conditions

For example, if an affiliate program has a standard 10% fixed sale commission and/or a 1 EUR lead commission, the advertiser can provide a 1.2x multiplier for a specific affiliate (or a 20% increase), leading to a total of 12% commission for each sale and/or a 1.2 EUR lead commission generated by that particular affiliate.

Moreover, if the standard sale and/or lead commission changes throughout the entire program, the preferential commissions will also automatically change. For example, if the standard sale commission increases to 12% and/or the lead commission increases to 2 EUR, the same affiliate will receive a 14.4% sale commission and/or a 2.4 EUR lead commission, due to that 1.2x multiplier.

This model also applies to variable sale commission programs. So, regardless of the final commission amount, if an affiliate has a custom multiplier/commission, that commission value is altered by the multiplier. In this way, the affiliate gets a different commission than those who have the program’s default commission.

  • Custom cookie life

Custom cookie lives are even easier to manage: advertisers can pick custom cookie lives out of the default 30, 60 and 90 days values.

Note: Better conditions are accepted immediately, but lowering them implies a period of time equal to the cookie life, but not longer than 30 days, that will be automatically enforced by the system once you Save the changes.