What banners do I need?

Instrucțiuni pentru încărcarea de bannere în platforma noastră

In our platform, you can use both static and dynamic banners, provided that the dynamic ones meet the clickTAG standard: http://www.flashclicktag.com/

Static banners can be .jpg, .gif, .png and dynamic ones .swf.

Regardless of the type of banners, they can be uploaded at any time in our platform, from your advertiser account Tools → Banners section. Here you can find a video tutorial on this matter:


  • IAB standard: 300x250, 728x90, 160x600, 300x600, 120x60
  • Non-standard: 468x60, 120x600, 125x125, 200x200, 300x300

Careful! Banners must not exceed 2MB/file!

A 2Performant campaign can be started with at least 3 banners, but our recommendation would be to add as many banners as possible. Thus, it is advisable to provide between 5 and 10 banners with different dimensions (declinations) in order to maximize the potential.

As a recommendation focus on products or product categories rather than on branding. Create banners with products that you know have the most competitive advantages with the best-selling articles on the site.

Our recommendation is to add information about the most visible promotions/prices for maximum impact.