What are Custom Conditions?

Custom Conditions: Rewarding Top Affiliates with Preferential Commissions and Cookie Lives

Custom Conditions is a new feature in the 2Performant platform. If you have remarkable performance in a particular affiliate program, the advertiser has the chance to reward your success with a higher commission or cookie life than the standard ones.

Tip: If you are generating conversions in a particular affiliate program or if you know you can significantly increase the number of generated commissions with the help with a higher commission rate, do not hesitate to ask the advertiser for this. Furthermore, we recommend you to initiate such conversations ;)

Custom Conditions allows advertisers to reward their top affiliates with a preferential commission and/or preferential cookie life. In particular, they will be able to offer you a multiplier.

Custom sale & lead conditions

For example, if an affiliate program has a standard 10% sale commission and/or a 5€ lead commission, the advertiser can give you a 1.2x or 20% extra of the total sale or a lead. In this way, you will receive a total commission of 12% of the value of any generated and validated sale  or a 6€ commission for a generated and validated lead.

If the standard commission ar lead value changes, then the preferential commission will automatically change, as well. For example, if the standard program’s commission increases to 12% for sales or the lead value increases to 6€, you will receive a commission of 14.4% for a sale and a 7.2€ for a lead, resulted from that 1.2x multiplier.

This model also applies to variable sale commission programs. So, regardless of the final commission amount, if an affiliate has a custom multiplier/commission, that commission value is altered by the multiplier. In this way, the affiliate gets a different commission than those who have the program’s default commission.

Custom cookie life

Custom cookie lives are even easier to manage: advertisers can offer affiliates custom cookie lives out of the default 30, 60 and 90 days values.

Remember: For an increased cookie life, the changes will be applied immediately, but if you choose to reduce the value, there will be necessary to have a 30 day notice period. The notifications to you, in these cases, will be automatically sent to the system when the changes are saved.


On the affiliate program page, the Custom Conditions are highlighted in a blue background.