How to apply to an affiliate program?

Navigating the Affiliate Programs Directory: How to Filter and Choose the Right Programs to Promote

Choosing the right affiliate programs you want to promote is very important. To apply to an affiliate program, navigate to the affiliate programs directory → Affiliate Programs.

There is no maximum campaign limit at which you can apply.

However, our suggestion is that affiliates apply to relevant campaigns that they can send traffic to.


In the programs directory you can see several tabs from where you can filter affiliate programs according to your interactions with them:

  • Not Applied → affiliate programs you did not apply to;
  • Approved → affiliate programs you already applied to;
  • Pending → waiting for approval;
  • Banned → affiliate programs that you have been blocked from;
  • Pending Ban → affiliate programs that will block you;
  • Pending Remove → affiliate programs where you will be removed from.


You can also filter all affiliate programs by:

  • Category → the category affiliate programs belong to;
  • Country → selling countries;
  • Payment type → pre paid or post paid;
  • Global ranking → here you can sort your programs based on a variety of criteria.