How do I create a Payment Profile?

Instrucțiuni: Adăugarea unui profil de plată pentru afiliați în contul dvs

Once you have signed in to your affiliate account, go to Payments → Profiles → Add Payment Profile.

You may choose to cash in as a natural person, legal entity (S.R.L/SA) or authorized private individual.

Fill out the fields with profile name, country and billing information and then save the profile. You can create as many payment profiles as you want for one account.

Step by step guide for Foreign Companies


  • A profile Name for easier identification
  • Country of taxation
    Create a new payment profile
  • Legal entity – Company
  • Payment method details: 
      • Currency – We will make payments in Euro. (Transfer can be made in Lei only if you have a Bank account in Lei, opened at a Romanian Bank)
      • Transfer can be made in PayPal (in this case there is no transfer fee) or by Bank transfer where there is an 11.22 Euro charge made by the bank.

Payment method details

      • Fill in all details of your company (Name, VAT no etc.)

Billing information

  • Send to review.

Note: Profiles are approved each Monday. You will receive an automatic email if it has been approved or rejected due to unclear or inconsistent data.