Who is behind 2Performant?

2Performant: The New Regional Affiliate Marketing Platform

2Performant is the new regional affiliate marketing platform. Starting August 2016, all 2Parale users were migrated to 2Performant.

The project 2Parale was first announced by founder Radu Spineanu in December 2008 at NetCamp and in February 2009 it received the first round of funding from Seed Money Fund.

At the end of 2009, the business was taken over by entrepreneurs Dorin Boerescu and Daniel Enache, and it was divided into two companies. At the moment, 2Parale services are provided by 2Performant Network SA, a company that holds the exclusive license to use 2Parale and 2Performant platforms in Romania.

In 2011, we launched 2Leva affiliate marketing platform through which we expanded in Bulgaria.

Understanding the need for a stable platform created with the latest technology, we started developing 2Performant. Once the new platform had been launched, we initially migrated 2Leva users to 2Performant.