What statuses can commissions have?

Commissions: Understanding the Different Statuses in Affiliate Marketing Programs

A commission is the volume of income that an affiliate receives for an action such as a product sale through the affiliate’s site. The list of commissions can be viewed in your affiliate account → Commissions section.

Pending: is the first status that a commission has. When a commission has the Pending status, it means that an action has been completed on the advertiser’s site by a user directed by the affiliate, during the cookie life. This status will be modified after processing the commission by the advertiser, based on the validity of that particular action.

Rejected: means that the commission is not eligible for payment and will not be paid to the affiliate. A commission can be rejected in the following circumstances:

  1. In the case of a per sale program: product return, double order or other error specified by the advertiser, failure to accept the payment or refund.
  2. Affiliate’s failure to comply with the terms of services of that affiliate program;
  3. Any fraudulent method used by the affiliate in order to receive a commission.

Approved: means that the commission is eligible for payment and will be paid to the affiliate. This status is for post paid affiliate programs only.

Paid: if the affiliate program is pre paid, once accepted,, the commission is automatically paid. For post paid affiliate programs, the advertiser paid the commission to 2 Performant and is assigned to the affiliate’s account.

All paid commissions can be found in the Payments → History section. Here you can also see the network bonuses and all values can be filtered by currency (EUR or RON) and the month they were acquired.