What is a PRE PAID affiliate program?

Programa de afiliados pré-pago: como funciona e suas vantagens

A pre paid affiliate program is a program pre-loaded with a specific amount of money.

When generating a commission, that particular commission has a Pending status and the amount associated to it, is withdrawn from the advertiser’s account balance. Advertisers have a contractual time to process all commissions (Approval Time). Otherwise, they will be automatically accepted, after the approval time expires.

Commissions are processed based on the order completion and/or validity of leads:

  • they are Approved and afterwards the commissions are deposited into 2Performant affiliate’s account;
  • they are Rejected  and afterwards the commissions are charged back into the advertiser’s balance.

When commissions are Approved, they automatically receive a Paid status which can be withdrawn by affiliates.

Note: Usually, pre paid affiliate programs have a Time to Payment lower than post paid affiliate programs.