What is 2Performant?

2Performant: A Powerful Affiliate Marketing Platform for Performance-Based Partnerships

2Performant is a powerful affiliate marketing platform with a stable, intuitive and user-friendly interface. The platform was developed using the latest technology in order to provide accurate data, but also to bring together advertisers and affiliates who look for performance in affiliate marketing.

It’s almost impossible not to find in 2Performant the right business partners that will believe in you. We think that only through an efficient collaboration you can achieve performance! This is affiliate marketing for us, a partnership where everyone has to win.

Our platform provides access to any market from Europe and around the world - we can record sales and commissions in more than 20 currencies with payment in RON or EURO. We have over 600 clients from Romania, but also from Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia.

In the same time, we believe in autonomy, therefore we have developed our own promoting technology based solely on performance costs. Moreover, we are a team of affiliate marketing specialists and we are here to help you with tips and tricks about affiliate marketing, but also about our platform, so that your business will run smooth.

Affiliate marketing is based on performance, that can only be achieved through collaborative efforts between advertisers and affiliates. Therefore, communication is the backbone of our 2Performant platform. Our network provides access to a direct communication through an effective internal messaging system.

Communication with our clients and users is very important; this is why we are here to help you with any information! You can always write us via our email address support@2Performant.com.