How to use UTM parameters?

Using UTM Parameters for Improved Affiliate Program Performance in 2Performant

Redirect Parameters in 2Performant, are parameters that help advertisers to analyze traffic and conversions using an external tracker, to improve the performance of the affiliate program. This can be done using UTM parameters, directly from our platform. 

UTM parameters are tags you add to an URL, and when a user performs an action using that link (a click/a sale/a lead), these tags records the necessary information and send them back to Google Analytics or to any other tracking platform. Specifically, this is the method by which you can enter additional information about your campaign.

Screenshot 2023-08-01 091308

2Performant provides two solutions for setting UTM parameters:

  • UMT for Google Analytics:


utm_campaign=2Performant → the name of the campaign conducted through 2Performant;

utm_source=%%affiliate_id%%  the source of traffic and conversions generated by 2Performant affiliates, more precisely the unique affiliate ID.This parameter is required to identify the affiliate who had sent the traffic. 

utm_medium=CPS → the medium in which promotion takes place; what kid of online promotion has been used to generate de traffic or conversions? In 2Prerformant the promotion medium is CPS (Cost-Per-Sale).

  • Custom UTM where you can use the following parameters:

%%affiliate_id%% → sort, filter or search affiliate by ID in your analytics data.

%%tool_type%% → banners or quick links, what works best for you? Find that using this parameter.

%%referrer%% → the page from where the visitor came to your site.

A link with custom UTM can look like this: