How to add TAGs in affiliate links?

How to Use Custom Tracking Tags in 2Performant for Better Promotion Strategy

If you want to analyze traffic and conversions generated through 2Performant, you can also use Custom Tracking Tags to improve your promotion strategy. These TAGs are, in fact, parameters that you add to a 2Performant affiliate link, and when a user performs an action using that link, these TAGs record the necessary information and send them back to Google Analytics or any other tracking systems. Specifically, it's a way to insert additional information about your promotional campaigns.

When you want to promote an advertiser, by placing an affiliate link in a text, image or even a PPC campaign, all you have to do is go to Tools → Quicklinks, select the program you want to promote and press the CONVERT button. If you want to add TAGs, add the parameters you want to track in the Custom Tracking Tag box.

TAGs can be used in quicklinks, banners and product feeds.

Take note: you can add multiple TAGs. Just add them one after the other, separated by comma. Example: st=tag1,tag2,tag3

  • TAGs for Quicklinks

Let's say you want to promote an advertiser through PPC campaign (AdWords), but also on your blog. To track the generated conversions and from which channels they come from, you'll need to create two affiliate links with their related TAGs.

  • for the first link you can add PPC Campaign TAG
    the affiliate link will look like this:

  • for the second link, you can add blogpost TAG
    the affiliate link will look like this:



  • TAGs for Banners

For example, let's say you want to place one banner on your Facebook Group/Page and one banner on your blog. To track the generated conversions and from which channels they come from, you'll need to create two TAGs for each banner.

You can use these TAGs by accessing the Tools → Banners section from your affiliate account. Once you've found the banner that interests you, press ADVANCED button, next to each banner.

  • for the first banner, to promote through Facebook, you can add keywords like Facebook Campaign;
  • for the second banner, to promote through your personal blog, you can add keywords such as Blog Post.



  • TAGs for Product Feeds

If you want to add TAGs for the products that are included in a Product Feed, go to the Tools → Product Feeds section and filter by the affiliate program you want to promote.


Once you've found the product feed that you're interested in, access the feed by clicking the Show button. You will be redirected to the page that contains all the products in the feed with additional information. 


By pressing the Advanced Button, next to each product, you can add TAGs for each product.

If you used TAGs in affiliate links, banners or product feeds, you can see the results directly in your affiliate account, at the Statistics section. They can all be viewed and filtered to analyze traffic and conversions generated through 2Performant.



  • Analyze your performance by TAGs

You can analyze each TAG if you filter by each one on the following pages in Statistics:

  • Conversion rate
  • Commissions amount
  • Sales Amount
  • Revenue/100Clicks

!! On the Clicks page, you can see all the clicks that were tagged, no matter which tag you filter them by.

If you want to further analyze your commissions, you can export all your commissions from the Commissions page. You will get a csv file containing a column named TAG, which you can filter in order to make a quantitative analysis of your sales.