Payment Profiles - validation and approval

Creating and Managing Payment Profiles for 2Performant Withdrawals

In order to withdraw your money from 2Performant, you need to create a Payment Profile for your affiliate account. If you have already created a payment profile, make sure it is filled with all the correct data. In particular, fill in the name, surname, phone number and invoice information.

Once you've saved your information, go back to the page where you can find the list of payment profiles you've created, Payments → Profiles, and click the button Send to review. Once submitted for revision and validation, the profile can no longer be edited.

A member from our 2Performant team, will process all payment profiles, every Monday and Tuesday, and will approve only those that are filled in correctly.

  • if the profile is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email. After the profile is approved, it can no longer be edited.
  • if the profile is rejected, you will receive a notification email along with the reason for rejection.

We will accept the payment profiles as soon as possible. If you see that the validation is being delayed for more than a week, do not hesitate to write to

When your payment profile is approved, you can make a withdrawal request, not just for the full amount, but for any value you want to withdraw, as long as it is higher than €25.

in your 2Performant affiliate account, you can find the Payable Amount on your Dashboard.

Also, if you navigate to Payments -> Withdraw, you will be able to see the total amount that can be withdrawn, from the Withdrawn Amount field.

2Performant pays affiliates every week on Thursday. Read HERE more information about affiliate payment.