How do I unsubscribe from notifications?

Cum să oprești notificările de la programele de afiliere și de la 2Performant

There are two types of notifications that you are receiving:

1. notifications from the affiliate programs that you have applied to; 
2. notifications from the 2Performant network.

1. If you want to stop receiving notifications from the affiliate programs, you will need to follow the next steps for each affiliate program that you have applied:


  • select the program you've applied to and for which you no longer want to receive notifications


  • on the program page, on the right side, at the Subscriptions section, uncheck all the boxes for notifications


2. If you want to stop receiving messages from 2Performant follow the steps bellow:


  • on the bottom of the profile page, at the Newsletter section, check the option OFF - this means unsubscribing to the 2Performant newsletter. Do not forget to press the SAVE button.