Where can I see the bonuses in 2Performant

Discover 2Performant's Bonus System: Fixed and Percentage-Based Bonuses

We periodically offer bonuses from 2Performant, based on several simple mechanisms that we communicate to our affiliates. The bonuses offered by 2Performant are:

  • fixed;
  • percentage of a valid commissions recorded.

Bonuses offered by the network are NOT visible in the commissions list, but in the payment history (Payments -> History).

The possibility to view and consult them has become now much easier with the implementation of a dedicated filter, Bonuses Only.


Keep in mind that in the case of percentage bonuses offered by 2Performant, based on commissions generated, they are allocated to the account only after the commission is paid, meaning:

  • when is approved for prepaid affiliate programs, the commission is automatically paid;
  • when is approved and paid by the advertiser in the case of postpaid affiliate programs.