How do I transfer money from 2Parale to 2Performant?

Cum să transferi banii din 2Parale în 2Performant

In order to transfer your money from 2Parale to 2Performant, you need to make the following steps:

1. Access the login page for your account in 2Parale:

2. Log into your 2Parale account and make a transfer request to 2Performant for the amount of money you have to cash in:
- go to Payments section;
- there, you will see the entire amount you have left in your account and you will be able to transfer it to your 2Performant account by clicking the yellow button Transfera banii in 2Performant (Transfer money in 2Performant).

You will receive an email when the transfer request has been processed. If accepted, a few minutes after the email, a bonus will appear in 2Performant with the value of the transferred amount.

Please note: Transfers are made every Monday for all requests from the previous week.


To withdraw money from the 2Performant account, follow this tutorial: