How does the 2Performant cookie work?

Understanding 2Performant Cookies and Their Functionality

Cookies placed by 2Performant when users click on advertisers tools published by affiliates have the form: dpstore%3Adouaparale_. 2Performant cookies can set on any browser and is set for each affiliate program.

The cookie contains: affiliate unique code, click unique code and cookie expiration timestamp. The cookie deletes itself after a period equal with the cookie life set up in the affiliate program and it overwrites data in case of affiliate and/or timestamp modifications.

Example 1: If affiliate A sends user X to an advertiser’s site in day 1 and he sends the same user in day 10, the cookie will update with the new timestamp and will have a new cookie life starting from next week.

Example 2: If affiliate A sends user X to an advertiser’s site in day 1 and affiliate B sends user X in day 2, the cookie will update with the affiliate B ID and day 2's timestamp so when the users shops, affiliate B will receive a commission.

The cookie is a third party cookie. You can find more details in regards to third party cookies here

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