How do I hide site phone numbers for affiliate traffic?

Script to Hide Traffic Leak Items for Affiliates on 2Performant Platform

For the advertisers the 2Performant platform we recommend hiding the items that encourage any other types of order placement than using the cart available on your site (phone numbers for orders in the header, footer, in the category pages, product pages or check out and chat) for traffic driven through affiliation. This is known as Traffic Leak.

Telephone orders may reach 20% of all orders recorded by an online store. Such orders can not be counted by the 2Performant tracking code because they are not placed by users on the site but by call center operators and so affiliates can lose commissions due to the existence of a telephone number listed for orders. For this reason, affiliates may be reluctant to promote advertisers who choose to have the phone number displayed.

To hide these items of traffic leak on your website for traffic driven through affiliation, we provide you with a script that has this main purpose:

<!— SCRIPT --> 

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>
window.dp_network_url = '';
window.dp_campaign_unique = 'CAMPAIGN_UNIQUE';
window.dp_cookie_result = function(data){
if(data && data.indexOf(":click:")) {
} else {
<!— EoF SCRIPT →

This script has to be added to the tag .

Within the script you must change two parameters:
* Instead CAMPAIGN_UNIQUE you must add your unique program code
* Instead PHONE_NUMBER_CONTAINER_IDENTIFIER add elements that must be hidden and can be traffic leak (phone numbers for orders from header, footer, the category pages, product or check out and chat), ie vessels that can lead to orders placed by call center operators on behalf of clients come through affiliation.

Thus, classes should be added to HTML containers containing elements of traffic leak. Selector for the specific class is the dot (.)