How can I recruit new affiliates?

Recruit Affiliates from Happy Clients and Grow Your Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide

An important step in increasing your affiliate portfolio is to recruit affiliates from your happy clients by promoting your affiliate program in your site. 

Recruiting happy clients and brand ambassadors and transforming them into affiliates is a widely spread approach.

 What would happen if your happy clients would write about that product they loved to a friend? Or what if they would write about that product bought from YOU in their personal blog? Those actions would:

  • grow your brand awareness;
  • grow product and category awareness;
  • grow your brand reliability and trust.

Now it's very easy to recruit new affiliates. Head to Affiliates -> Recruitment and Copy to clipboard your recruitment link.


You can add your recruitment link in your page footer, or you can creat a dedicated page for your affiliate program on your site.

The recruitment link will direct your future affiliates to your affiliate program public page from 2Performant:

Access your Recruitment page and for each affiliate you've recruited through your dedicated link, you'll receive a discount from the network commission:

  • If the affiliate you've recruited already has a 2Performant account, the network commission will be only half.
  • If the affiliate you've recruited didn't have a 2Performant account, you'll only pay 1/5 of the network commission for all commissions generated by that affiliate. 

You will see your recruited affiliate in a dedicated tab from: Affiliates -> My Affiliates -> Recruited.


Start recruiting. It will cost you less, so you can recruit more!