How do I withdraw my money as a foreign company?

Cum să creezi o cerere de plată: Selectează Plăți - Retragere - Creează o cerere de retragere

  1. Create a payment request: Select Payments – Withdraw - Create a withdrawal request.

  2. Select a payment profile (corresponding to verified data):Create_a_withdraw_request.png

  3. Select the amount you wish to withdraw – it can be the entire amount in your balance or less. Please note: the platform auto-fills the entire amount in your balance, but the fields are editable. In case you want to withdraw less, you can just edit the sum(s). 
      • Please note there is an 11.22 euro fee for bank transfers.

  4. Create Invoice - See instructions below:

Generate an invoice in your own invoicing system for the amount mentioned in the Transferred amount field (as shown in the above picture), with the following details:

  • Your company details:
      • Company Name
      • Company Address
      • VAT no
      • Registration No
  • Invoice Number and Date

Important Note – Invoice must have the date of the withdrawal request  (same month, day, year)

  • 2Performant billing information:

Company Name: SC 2Performant Network SA

Company Address: 6-8 Corneliu Coposu Boulevard, Unirii View Building, Floor 2, (office) ResCo-working09, 3rd District, Bucharest, Romania

VAT Number: RO 26405652

Registration Number: J40/493/2010

  1. Finish your withdrawal request:
  • Upload your invoice (PDF) and create the withdrawal request.
  • Please note invoiced amount must be exactly the same as the amount in the withdrawal request (”Transferred amount”) - Always check before submitting the withdrawal request
  • Press Create withdraw request
  1. Receive Payment Confirmation:

Each week, on Wednesday, we verify all payment requests made between last Wednesday until Tuesday.

✅ If everything is ok with traffic sources and the invoice is correct, you will receive an email stating payment will be processed on Thursday.

⚠️ If the request is rejected, you will receive an email mentioning the reason for the rejection.

All Payments are made each Thursday. If a Bank transfer is involved, you will have to keep in mind 3-5 working days for the transfer to be processed by the bank.

Also, please note that if the invoice exceeds 10.000 Euro, it will be paid in installments, not exceeding 10.000 Euro per installment.  


Should you have any problems, contact us: