How to make money from affiliate marketing?

Cómo generar comisiones de afiliados: una guía paso a paso

To familiarize yourself with our platform and how affiliate marketing works, I recommend you go through this short presentation and also these video tutorials.

It’s the perfect opportunity to discover all the options the platform has to offer. Next step is to create an affiliate account with us, the step is easy and it will not take too much time. We also wrote a blog post concerning this matter.

In order to work with an advertiser you must first apply to their program, you can do this from the Affiliate programs tab and hit the Apply button next to the affiliate program details.

After the advertiser approved your application you'll gain access to the advertiser's tools, banners, product feeds and to generate the affiliate links.

After these steps are made you'll be able to promote the advertiser using either their tools or by using an affiliate link. The affiliate link is an unique link provided to affiliates that contains the affiliate’s unique ID and the unique ID for the affiliate program that the link is generated for.

When an end user clicks on your affiliate link a cookie is placed in the user’s browser. When the user makes a desired action, the tracking code in the thank you page reads the cookie placed in the user’s browser and generates a commission in the platform, identifying you as an affiliate and the affiliate program as the advertiser based on the affiliate IDs.